Wastewater Treatment

Ensuring safety in even the most chemically hazardous industrial environments

Wastewater and sewage treatment processes water adversely affected in quality by substances like human waste, food scraps, oils and chemicals using chemically and biologically intensive procedures.

Due to the very nature of these processes, treatment facilities are exposed to gas hazards that could pose significant threats to the health of personnel and the continued operation of the plant unless effectively managed. As a result, wastewater treatment facility managers must ensure that the plant is effectively instrumented with a comprehensive gas detection, alarming, and mitigation system in order to ensure that the safety of both the facility and personnel is not compromised.


Gas Detection and Alarming

Wastewater treatment creates many different toxic and combustible gases that can build up in the enclosed spaces of a plant’s various processes. Areas such as filtration rooms release massive amounts of toxic and inert Oxygen-depleting gases that can endanger personnel while fire hazards due to the buildup of combustible gases are a constant threat across a plant’s various process facilities. Addressing these various gas hazards requires different types of gas sensors for effective risk mitigation and responses.

Combustible Gases

Methane, Propane, Butane, Hydrogen and Hydrogen Sulfide

Oxygen Depleting Gases


Toxic Gases

Sulfur Dioxide, Chlorine and Carbon Monoxide

Electronic hand held sewer gas detectors

Automation and Integration Strategies

Detecting hazardous gases and issuing alarms are important steps, but it is equally important to take remediation actions. These can be enabled by integrating gas detection and alarm systems with the Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) or the Building Management System (BMS) responsible for automating the facility and alerting personnel. As these systems are automated, the regulatory agencies require that the systems be “performance approved" and checked on a periodic basis.

Our Products

Sierra Monitor's Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) approved Sentry IT fire and gas solutions can ensure the safety and protection of assets and personnel in wastewater treatment facilities. Sierra Monitor's detectors and controllers offer the industry's best Return on Investment (ROI) to the facility manager through innovations that minimize installation, commissioning, calibration, and life cycle maintenance costs. Sierra Monitor's Sentry IT solution is the preferred choice for the diligent and ROI-oriented facility management professional

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Combustible Gas Detector – Catalytic Bead (5100-02)
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Combustible Gas Detector – Infrared (5100-28)
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Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
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Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
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Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
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UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector 3100
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UV/IR Flame Detector 3600-LB
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Triple IR Flame Detector 3600-I
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Sentry IT - 32 Channel Controller
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QuickServer Gateway
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Multiport Gateway
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