Vault Gas Monitor 2400

Vault Gas Monitor 2400

Sierra Monitor’s Vault Gas Monitor 2400 is a continuous combustible gas and Carbon Monoxide (CO) monitor for personnel and facility safety in controlled environment vaults (CEVs).

The Model 2400 is ideal to reduce the hazard of gas explosion and to maintain personnel safety. Each variation of the Model 2400 offers the full performance gas detection functions required by telecom site managers including uninterrupted power supply, long-life sensors, five alarm relays, and both audible and visual alarm indication.

The sensors on the Model 2400 are mounted on the downward facing surface of the enclosure to be protected from dust and moisture contamination. The sensors can easily be replaced without removal of the monitor from its permanent mounting. Two of the sensors are for gas detection and the third contains thermocouple devices to allow temperature compensation of the gas sensors.

Solid State (Semiconductor) Technology

Detect low points-per-million (ppm) levels of hazardous gas, maintain the life cycle of the product for long periods, easy maintenance

Electrochemical Technology

Accurately detect toxic gases and consume less power to reduce operating costs

Reliable Uninterrupted Power Supply

Consistently keep the monitor running with the built-in constant current NiCad battery charger

Input Power

120 Volt/60 Hz or 240 Volt/50 Hz

12 Watts maximum

Alarm Calibration Range
Combustible Gas

2,500-12,500 ppm Methane (5%-25% LEL)

Carbon Monoxide

2400-01: 50-200 ppm

2400-21: 0-100 ppm

Factory Alarm Calibration

Combustible Gas

5,000 ppm Methane

Carbon Monoxide

2400-01: 100 ppm

2400-21: 35 ppm

Response Time

Less than 30 seconds

Operating Temperature Range


32o to 104oF (0o to 40 oC)

Extended Temperature Option

-4o to 140oF (-20o to 60oC)

Input Connector

3 pin (Amphenol) Mil-Spec Type MS 3106A-14S-7S7S

Output Connector

24 pin (Amphenol) Mil-Spec Type MS 3106A-2428S


6 “D” Size NiCad Pack – 4 Amp hour (9 hours of life at 25 oC)

Output Relay Rating

Five SPDT (Form C), 6 Amp non-inducting at 120/240 VAC

6 Amp non-inducting at 28 VDC, 1/8 HP Load at 120 VAC, 170 W or 1800 VA

Gas Sensors

2400-01: Two solid state metal oxide semiconductor sensors in separate housings

2400-21: One solid-state metal oxide semiconductor sensor (Methane) and one electrochemical sensor in separate housings

Temperature Sensor

Two solid state thermistors

Audible Alarm

68 dB at 2900 Hz


NEMA-12 hinged front panel with mounting flanges


¼ Amp 250 VAC


8.7 x 8.2 x 4.2 in. (22.2 x 21.0 x 10.8 cm)


12 lb. (26 Kg)

CEV Deployment

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