Transportation Infrastructure Safety

Flexible alarms and responses for various flame and gas hazards in diverse infrastructure classes

The complexities and variety of transportation infrastructure produces a wide range of different gas and fire hazards that pose significant safety risks to the people and vehicles that utilize them.

Enclosed areas such as vehicle bays, underground mass transit systems, and aircraft hangers are particularly suspect to gas and fire hazards due to the potential buildup that can occur unless actively monitored.

Gas Turbine flame monitoring systems
Vehicle Bays

Toxic exhaust fumes and combustible gases from CNG, LNG or LPG powered vehicles.

Gas Turbine Flame Monitoring
Underground Mass Transit

Combustible and toxic gas build up in the long tunnels.

Gas Turbine Flame Detection system
Aircraft Hangars

Hazardous gases from aviation fuels, lubricants, solvents, hydraulic fluids, and more.

Gas Turbine Flame Sensor
Road and Rail Tunnels

Carbon Monoxide buildup and combustible gas leakages.

Gas Hazard Detection

If hazardous gases are accidentally leaked, they will rapidly disperse throughout an enclosed area. Implementing the right gas detectors will be necessary to monitor the presence of hazardous gases, issue and taking the specific actions necessary via an alarm system.

Gas leak detection equipment
Combustible Gases

Methane and Propane

Vehicle bays gas leak detector
Oxygen Depleting Gases

Carbon Dioxide

Underground transit systems leak detector
Toxic Gases

Carbon Monoxide and Nitrogen Dioxide

Methan emission detection Equipment

Automation and Integration Strategies

Detecting the presence of flame or hazardous gases is just the first step. Detection needs to integrate with various alarms and external systems to enable the right response specific to the transportation infrastructure. This can require connectivity to be established with Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC) and facility automation systems to trigger ventilation subsystems and other risk mitigation measures.

Our Products

Sierra Monitor’s Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) approved Sentry IT fire and gas system can ensure the safety and protection of assets and personnel at risk. Sierra Monitor’s detectors and controllers offer the industry’s best Return on Investment (ROI) to the facility manager through innovations that minimize installation, commissioning, calibration, and life cycle maintenance costs. Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT solution is the preferred choice for the diligent and ROI-oriented facility management professional.

You can purchase any of SMC's flame and gas detection products through our worldwide network of exceptional manufacturer's reps.

Combustible Gas Detector – Catalytic Bead (5100-02)
View Product Hydrogen emission detection Equipment
Combustible Gas Detector – Infrared (5100-28)
View Product Propane emission detection Equipment
Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
View Product Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
View Product Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
View Product Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector 3100
View Product UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector 3100
UV/IR Flame Detector 3600-LB
View Product UV/IR Flame Detector 3600-LB
Triple IR Flame Detector 3600-I
View Product protoair
Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller
View Product Sentry IT 32 Channel Controller
QuickServer Gateway
View Product QuickServer Gateway
Multiport Gateway
View Product Multiport Gateway