ThingWorx Cloud Connector

Providing simple and seamless connectivity to the ThingWorx Cloud Platform

With the unmatched multi-protocol versatility of FieldServer gateways, connecting devices to ThingWorx is simple. By using Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer IIoT gateways in conjunction with the ThingWorx Adapter, system integrators are able to seamlessly connect virtually any field device on the southbound side to the ThingWorx cloud platform without any additional programming.

All FieldServer IIoT gateways ship pre-loaded with the ThingWorx driver, a web-based configurator, and the field protocols you need for your project. Whether it’s common protocols like BACnet and Modbus, specialized device protocols that often require custom hardware interfaces such as LonWorks, KNX, and M-Bus, or even proprietary protocols for fire panels and other devices, we’ve got you covered.

ThingWorx Cloud Connector
ThingWorx driver

Protocol Profiles

Complementing our FieldServer gateway’s protocol library is the support of Profiles. A Profile, is a convenient mapping file that fully defines a device’s attributes to be used for protocol translation. Through the use of Profiles, solution providers have the ability to upload predefined configuration files into a FieldServer gateway for faster configuration, ultimately speeding up the time it takes to get the field data to the ThingWorx cloud and get your ThingWorx-based application up and running.