Telecom Remote Site Management

Visibility, automation, and control over critical remote telecommunications assets

Telecommunications companies house their "last mile" network equipment in remote unmanned sites composed of controlled environment vaults (CEVs) and cell site buildings.

With any amount of downtime representing massive losses in revenue, ensuring uninterrupted site availability and safety is crucial for achieving optimum uptime. This requires support systems and devices such as HVAC systems, backup power generators, batteries and environmental sensors that need to be actively monitored and maintained. Connecting them to an environmental controller that builds upon a standard set of sensors and relay outputs provides the best remote site management solution but presents a difficult automation challenge.


Automating Unmanned Telecom Sites

For reliable and total remote site automation, control systems need to be able to execute a wide range of operations across the site's support systems to maintain ideal operating conditions.

Telecom remote management and monitoring
Various HVAC systems
Telecom remote management solutions
Sump Pumps
Telecom remote network management
Smoke Alarms
Automating Unmanned Telecom Sites
Door Status Switches

Flame and Gas Hazard Detection

CEVs are exposed various gas and fire hazards despite being closed controlled environments and pose serious threats to both equipment and personnel, requiring specialized sensors to detect and mitigate.

Telecom Site Remote Monitoring
Combustible Methane Carried In By Underground Cables
Unmanned Server Room and Base Station Monitoring
Hydrogen Gas Build Up From Charging Batteries
Telecom remote site management
Toxic And flammable Hydrogen Sulfide gas
Telecom oxygen
Oxygen Displacing Carbon Monoxide from diesel generators

Our Products

Sierra Monitor offers a comprehensive array of telecom remote site management products. These solutions are designed to maximize availability, reliability, environmental safety, and energy efficiency of the various structures. Our flame and gas systems are Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) approved and ensure the safety and protection of high-value assets and personnel in telecom sites.

You can purchase any of SMC's flame and gas detection products through our worldwide network of exceptional manufacturer's reps.

Facility Environment Controller 2450
View Product Facility Environment Controller 2450
Electronic Lead/Lag Controller 2430
View Product Electronic Lead/Lag Controller 2430
Intelesite Cell Site Lead/Lag Controller 2435
View Product Intelesite Cell Site Lead/Lag Controller 2435
Vault Gas Monitor 2400
View Product Vault Gas Monitor 2400
Telecom Gas Monitors 2350/2360
View Product Telecom Gas Monitors 2350/2360
Combustible Gas Detector – Catalytic Bead (5100-02)
View Product Combustible Gas Detector – Catalytic Bead (5100-02)
Combustible Gas Detector – Infrared (5100-28)
View Product Combustible Gas Detector – Infrared (5100-28)
Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
View Product Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
View Product Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
View Product Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
Sentry IT - 32 Channel Controller
View Product Sentry IT - 32 Channel Controller
QuickServer Gateway
View Product QuickServer Gateway
Multiport Gateway
View Product Multiport Gateway