The SMC Cloud

A new model for managing devices in the field

The SMC Cloud takes proactive support of field devices to whole different level. It is Sierra Monitor’s own Software-as-a-Service (SaaS) cloud-based offering that works with our FieldServer family of IIoT protocol gateways, routers, and explorers.

It provides secure remote connectivity with all FieldServer IIoT gateways, giving users to ability to configure, update and support all connected industrial devices and integrate them with their business applications and other cloud-based services. With these capabilities, industrial facilities are able to run smarter, utilizing real-time device data analytics to drive better decision making and transform the way they do business.


Gain Valuable Insight into Your Installed Devices

Device Cloud for the Industrial Internet of Things

Built from the ground up with a comprehensive multi-tenant access strategy designed to give employees, resellers, and customers access the right access to the right data.

Device Cloud for the IIoT
Secure Access and Storage

We take data privacy seriously and are Provensec Certified. We secure access, encrypt transport and protect the storage of your device data. 

Multi-tenant access strategy
Mobile App Access

We’re all mobile, and SMC makes device data available to you, your customers, and installers/technicians, anywhere, anytime.


FieldView – A Suite of Applications to Manage Devices

Just connecting things to the cloud won’t make your business run better or improve customer support. That’s why SMC created FieldView, a suite of device management functions specifically designed to help your business run better:

Secured Device Cloud for IIoT
Customized Dashboards

Create customized dashboards to chart trends across devices, data points, customers and more.

Secure remote access to field devices
Inventory Mapping and Status

Display the location of your SMC Cloud-connected devices, including instant status and alarming.

Secure remote access to FieldServer IIoT Gateway
Alerts and Notifications

Set triggers or COV alerts and be notified via SMS or email.

Integrated Registration
Integrated Product Registration

Collect and report product installation and registration for support, tracking.

Remote Monitoring
Remote Monitoring

SMC can report and display device UI readings to aid customer support.

The SMC Cloud Advantage

Get secure visibility and remote access to your field devices through FieldServer IIoT gateways.

Device management
Device management

Manage all connected registered devices from one interface in a secure and traceable manner with security permissions and user-device assignment

3rd Party Cloud Platform Integration
3rd Party Cloud Platform Integration

Use SMC Cloud’s RESTful APIs or Webhooks to pull data into existing cloud management and analytics systems.

Data logging and cloud repository
Data logging and cloud repository

Select which device data points you need to monitor and manage and how you want the data to be pushed to the SMC Cloud.

Software upgrades
Software upgrades

Remotely download and install software upgrades and minimize unnecessary field visits.

Interested in taking your devices to the cloud?

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