Sentry InSite

Web-based application for managing fire and gas safety in facilities

Sierra Monitor's Sentry InSite is an intuitive web-based monitoring application that provides safety managers and engineers with the ability to locally and remotely access their facility's fire and gas safety system online.

Via connection to an Ethernet-based communications network, InSite provides full monitoring of a Sentry system controller and all connected modules through a series of web pages. These well-defined auto-generated web pages highlight status, alarm, and other relevant information necessary to maintain the safety of a facility and its occupants. InSite can be viewed on PCs, tablets, and smartphones connected to the local Ethernet network.

The Sentry InSite application is bundled in with the purchase of a new Sentry IT Controller. If you are a preexisting customer with a Classic Sentry or Sentry IT Controller, InSite can be purchased separately.

Your Facility's Web-Based Monitoring Solution

Sentry InSite provides two views for facility monitoring:


The QuickView displays the statuses all of the facility's connected modules, sensors and detectors in one comprehensive page. If a module's status changes from Safe, that module will also be listed in the Current Status List. The Current Status List shows all modules that have a status change of one of the following: Trouble, Warning, and Alarm. All module statuses are color coded to reflect the lights seen on the Sentry IT Controller. Facility safety managers can regularly monitor the QuickView to check the statuses of all connected modules within the facility.


The SystemView provides an in-depth view into all the connected modules, sensors and detectors. The SystemView pushes all listed devices with a status change to the top of the list for convenient notification. Module statuses are color coded, similar to the QuickView.

Here, users can click on a specific module to bring up the module’s details. Module Details provides a wide assortment of data that help users to better understand and work with their modules. Users can edit a module’s name tag to whatever they see fit, identify the warning and alarm setpoint levels, and see when maintenance or calibration is due. With the ability to drill down into each module to retrieve vital information, the SystemView is a powerful module management tool that facility safety managers have at their disposal.

Access Sentry InSite Local or Remote

Sentry InSite is designed to be run locally within the facility. But it is possible to extend the InSite view to the SMC Cloud for facilities visibility anytime, anywhere. If enabled, facilities managers can monitor the status of the connected modules, sensors and detectors.

The SMC Cloud web interface lets users remotely access, in a secure fashion, the Sentry InSite web pages that are available locally.

Connect to a Building Management System

In addition to being a facility monitoring solution, Sentry InSite can also function as a protocol gateway using our FieldServer technology. This enables the Sentry or Sentry IT Controller to integrate with the facility's SCADA or management system over an Ethernet network, using Modbus TCP/IP or Ethernet/IP protocols or with the facility management systems over BACnet/IP.

Web-based application

Access InSite through your PC, tablet, or smartphone connected to the local Ethernet network.

Local or Remote Access

Privately monitor your facility through the local area network (LAN) or remotely through the Internet.

Device management

Maintain complete visibility over the statuses of all connected devices throughout the facility from one comprehensive web page.

Classic Sentry and Sentry IT Controller compatibility

Integrate InSite with a new or preexisting Sentry system controller for enhanced facility safety management.