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ProtoCast is a Modbus to Wi-Fi gateway for original equipment manufacturers (OEMs) that connects field equipment to the SMC Cloud.  Now OEMs can cost-effectively connect all their field-deployed equipment to the cloud to improve customer care through remote monitoring, notification and alarming.  

The ProtoCast also support 2 analogue inputs and up to 4 digital inputs so other elements can be monitored in parallel.  (For example, an analogue water leak detector attached to a boiler/hot water heater)

With the ability to connect device to the cloud over Wi-Fi connection and automatically support multiple known controller profiles, the ProtoCast brings a new low-cost, entry level tool to OEMs transforming their business with Cloud-based services and support.

  • Tailored Modbus interface with 5 separate device profiles
  • Compact form factor for flexible installation
  • Analogue and digital inputs
  • SMC Cloud-enabled remote access, data monitoring
  • Alarming and notifications
  • Supports Bluetooth connectivity to ProtoCast App
ProtoCast for original equipment manufacturers
Turnkey Cloud Connectivity

The ProtoCast wireless gateway provides OEMs with a simple, low-cost and reliable on-ramp to the IIoT and SMC Cloud connectivity.  Provide channel partners or even end-users visiblity and access to field deployed equipment. 

Create a new business model providing managed services for existing equipment.  Take advantage of operational data collected across thousands of installed devices to perform statistical quality analysis, and apply AI/machine learning to begin to predict maintenance and support incidents.  

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1. Cost-effective Modbus to Cloud gateway

Easily connect any OEM equipment directly to the SMC Cloud for remote monitoring, access, notifications

2. Additional Analogue, Digital inputs

Connect additional elements to develop comprehensive overview of local environment

3. App based installation, configuration, monitoring

Easily install and configure the gateway via the ProtoCast App.  Take advantage of the SMC Live app to provide end users visibility into their own equipment. 4

4. SMC Device Cloud support

SMC Cloud connectivity for remote access to local applications, configuration, and device management is included in the cost of the device.  

Model Numbers

FPA-W10-XXXX (Wi-Fi)


Wi-Fi 802.11 b/g/n

  • Frequency: 2.4 GHz
  • Channels: 1 to 13 (inclusive)
  • Encryption: TKIP, WPA & AES


  • Bluetooth 3.0 + HS
  • Standard pairing
  • Bluetooth class 1 & 2

Serial: RS-485

  • Baud: 9600, 19200, 34800, 57600, 115200



Browser and App-based configuration
Support for 5 OEM device profiles
Additional Inputs

  • Up to 2 analogue (either 4-20 mA or 0-10 VDC)
  • Up to 4 digital (voltage free)

Operating temperature: 4° to 158°F (-20° to 70°C)
Relative humidity: 10-95% RH non-condensing


Dimensions: 3.8 x 1.6 x 0.8 in. (9.6 x 4.0 x 2.0 cm)
Weight: 0.1 lbs (0.04 kg)

Power Requirements

12 - 24 VDC
100 mA @ 12 V


CE and FCC Class B & C Part 15
TUV Approved to UL 916, EN 60950-1, EN 50491-3, CSA22.2
RoHS Compliant