Intelesite Cell Site Lead/Lag Controller 2435

Intelesite Cell Site Lead/Lag Controller 2435

Sierra Monitor’s Intelesite Cell Site Lead/Lag Controller 2435 provides dynamic management and lead/lag control of cell site building environments.

The Model 2435 manages lead/lag control of heating, ventilating and air conditioning (HVAC) units, economy ventilation, smoke detection, and other critical site elements, and various alarm parameters.

With redundant air conditioner lead/lag controls, the controller can manage temperature settings, lead/lag decisions, and economy ventilation during normal conditions but can pass control to individual air conditioner controls upon any failure. By implementing available serial and Ethernet protocol support, the Model 2435 can become the central information terminal for intelligent controllers, including standby generators, power plants, battery monitors, or others. It is designed for easy, efficient retrofit installation and can also be supplied in new structures on a modular basis to conform with the scope of work for structure suppliers and system integrators.

Central Control Module (CCM)

Effectively monitor and manage the critical elements of a remote telecom site to meet today’s needs and tomorrow’s expansion plans

Integral Protocol Gateway

Directly connect to telecom network management systems via the ProtoCessor to report status and alarm data

Innovative Architecture

Dramatically reduce wiring and operating costs.

Distributed Intelligence

Redundant HVAC control capabilities insure continued environmental management in the unlikely event of a controller failure.

Flexibility and Expansion Capability

Implement the controller on a site specific basis and support all remote module functions


36-60 VDC


Operating Range: 4o to 120oF (-20o to 50oC)

Storage Range: -22o to 122oF (-30o to 50oC)


0 to 95% Non-Condensing

Front Panel


LCD Alphanumeric (2 Rows x 20 Characters)

Front Panel Keypad

6 keys for Set Points, alarms, controls

Serial, Ethernet Interface (Optional)

Up to 3 Ethernet, RS232 or RS485 ProtoCessors

Integral Inputs


Relative Humidity

Digital Inputs: 11
Smoke Alarm
Generator Power
ATS Position
Utility Power
Spare (6)
Analog Input
Outside Temperature
5 Firmware Configurable
Sheet Metal Surface Mount 14.6 x 14.1 x 3.0 in.