SMC Has Been Acquired by MSA

On March 28, 2019, Sierra Monitor Corporation entered into an agreement to be acquired by MSA Safety at a share price of $3.25. Details of the transaction can be found in the press release.

In MSA Safety, Sierra Monitor has found an ideal partner to accelerate its growth. MSA is the global leader in the development, manufacture and supply of safety products that protect people and facility infrastructures. Its mission of protecting the health and safety of workers has gone unchanged for more than a century.

MSA values SMC’s Sentry IT gas detectors and controller, the FieldServer IIoT gateways, and new SMC Cloud products/platform. Perhaps more important, there is a cultural alignment. Both organizations have decades-long history built on a foundation of integrity and similar core values.

Upon the deal closing, which is anticipated to be in May, MSA and Sierra Monitor will execute an integration plan that leverages the strength of both organizations for growth. That plan will be developed over the next six weeks, with input from Sierra Monitor team.

Our executive team is fully committed to ensuring a seamless transition.

If you have additional questions, please do not hesitate to contact your local SMC representative or email

SMC Acquired by MSA

Frequently Asked Questions

Why is MSA acquiring SMC?
From SMC’s perspective, MSA’s leading edge FGFD (fixed gas and flame detection) product offerings and software engineering resources and expertise provide the opportunity to scale our business and expand our reach beyond the installed base and markets we have access to today. The acquisition furthers MSA’s strategy to enhance worker safety through the use of cloud technology and wireless connectivity, while supplementing the company’s organic investments in software-as-a-service applications, including its recently established Safety ioTM subsidiary.

What, if any changes, should customers expect as a result of this news?
First and foremost, you will continue to receive the same quality products, services and support from Sierra Monitor. In addition, you can continue to purchase SMC products through your existing sales managers, manufacturer’s representatives and channel partners.

What are MSA’s plans for SMC?
MSA and SMC look forward to working together in the coming weeks and months to develop an integration plan that fully capitalizes on the many strengths that both organizations bring to the industrial safety marketplace.

Gordon Arnold ran the company for 40 years, what are his thoughts?
Gordon has certainly been a fixture of SMC since the late 1970s. While he transitioned Jeff Brown into the role of President and CEO after his retirement, Gordon continued on as Chairman of the Board. Here is a blog post he penned to Sierra Monitor employees following the March 29th announcement.

Will you continue to develop and support FieldServer products?
Absolutely. MSA believes in FieldServer as a leading provider of IIoT gateways and cloud-connecting products. We look forward to working with our terrific Equipment Manufacturers and Systems Integration customers to build a more connected and intelligent world.

What about SMC’s line of environmental control products for Telco customers?
SMC will continue to service and support of these products.

What are some additional details about the deal?
SMC filed an 8-K with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission on March 29th. Please visit the SMC investor relations web site and refer to that filing for the details of the transaction.

Who should I call to purchase SMC products?
Please contact your existing SMC representative or contact us

Where can I go for more answers?
Please contact your local SMC representative or email and we’ll work with you directly to answer any additional questions.