Manufacturer's Reps

We work with Manufacturer’s Reps to increase our ability to reach customers. If you are looking to purchase Sierra Monitor fire and gas products, please contact the Manufacturer’s Rep that covers your location. Each rep firm usually has exclusive representation rights for its territory and acts as Sierra Monitor’s sales agent within that territory.

Abbey Mec-Tric Abbey Mec-Tric
Abbey Rogers Abbey Rogers
ACI Instrumentation Limited ACI Instrumentation Limited
Branom Branom
Chaltron Systems, Inc. Chaltron Systems, Inc.
Empire Instruments Empire Instruments
Forgy Process Instruments, Inc Forgy Process Instruments, Inc
Gurney & Associates Gurney & Associates
Hatfield and Company Hatfield and Company
Hawaii Engineering Services Hawaii Engineering Services
Intrepid Group Intrepid Group
M.S. Jacobs M.S. Jacobs
MCR Technologies MCR Technologies
Mec-Tric Controls Mec-Tric Controls
Midwest Municipal Instrumentation Midwest Municipal Instrumentation
Northwest Instruments & Controls Northwest Instruments & Controls
Process Dynamics Inc. Process Dynamics Inc.
R.E. Pedrotti R.E. Pedrotti
SECO Controls SECO Controls
Tesla Electric Tesla Electric
Thermo/Cense Thermo/Cense
William E. Young Company William E. Young Company
A-Tech System Co. A-Tech System Co.
Alco Automation Alco Automation
Beijing Safewell Technology Beijing Safewell Technology
Detection Technology Pvt. Ltd Detection Technology Pvt. Ltd
Future Technology Supply Co., Ltd. Future Technology Supply Co., Ltd.
Hengan Instruments Hengan Instruments
Katalist Technology Katalist Technology
Qarah Industrial Supply Qarah Industrial Supply
Uni-Process International Uni-Process International
Al Yasat Al Yasat
Al-Najm Al-Thaqib EST Al-Najm Al-Thaqib EST
Global Pavilion Global Pavilion
Kharafi National Co. Kharafi National Co.
nSoft Development nSoft Development
Branom Branom
R.E. Pedrotti R.E. Pedrotti
Tesla Electric Tesla Electric