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Industry Leading IIoT Solutions for System Integrators and OEMs.

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Sierra Monitor's industry-leading IoT gateways are unmatched in their versatility, supporting over 140 automation and control protocols. With over 200,000 installed at thousands of industrial and commercial facilities, our multi-protocol gateways are the preferred choice of system integrators for their integration and automation projects. OEMs consistently choose Sierra Monitor as their trusted partner in driving their IoT roadmaps.

Versatile IIoT On-Ramp Solutions

Sierra Monitor’s IIoT gateways come in various form factors that easily integrate with OEM devices, making them IIoT-ready and accelerating their time to market.

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View Product Industrial Internet of Things Gateway
View Product IIOT Gateway
ProtoCessor FFP
View Product IIOT Gateway for industrial facilities
View Product IIOT Gateway for commercial facilities

Sierra Monitor’s IIoT gateways provide the widest multi-protocol support in the industry by far, seamlessly connecting devices and systems in even the most complex integration projects.

EZ Gateway KNX to BACnet
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EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet
View Product IIoT Gateway for Integration and Automation Projects
EZ Gateway M-Bus to Modbus and BACnet
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BACnet Explorer NG
View Product IIoT Solutions for OEMs
BACnet Router
View Product Industrial iot gateway 
BACnet IoT Gateway
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QuickServer Gateway
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Multiport Gateway
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Sierra Monitor’s device cloud offerings and cloud connectivity options enables any both integrators and OEMS to IIoT-empower their devices.

SMC Cloud
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ThingWorx Cloud Connector
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