Why Manufacturers Enhance Their Devices with FieldServer’s IIoT Solution

Why Manufacturers Enhance Their Devices with FieldServer’s IIoT Solution

Posted by: | Posted on: Tuesday, September 10, 2019

How building managers manage their commercial facilities is evolving into the IIoT (Industrial Internet of Things) world, specifically for energy management. It’s trendy and everyone wants to be connected some way, somehow. You can think about it this way ­– most people want to be connected either by social media, text, email and so on, to keep up with what’s going on in the world around them. Similarly, building owners want to connect everything in their building to be aware of everything that is going within it. They value having one building management system (BMS) controlling all devices running their building. Connectivity is a valuable feature to commercial building managers that OEM’s should be aware of to escalate their business efforts. 

Sierra Monitor, a leader in field connectivity, is the IIoT solution provider to OEM’s worldwide. BMS connectivity happens to be our specialty. Our FieldServer Gateways provide remote monitoring, data collection, and alarming notifications for remote control without going onsite. Being able to see into your devices via SMC Cloud for remote troubleshooting and more, allows you to provide exceptional customer service to your end-user.

Several OEM’s, including Slant/Fin Boilers & Baseboards, have integrated our ProtoAir, SMC’s Cloud and Protocol Gateway, with their VGH Series Boiler. This commercial boiler can now connect into their customers BMS seamlessly and it also gives Slant/Fin the ability to provide remote maintenance troubleshooting if there are any issues with their units.  

Sierra Monitor’s ProtoAir Gateway will now be an available accessory with Slant/Fin’s VGH Series Boiler and will give their customers the BMS connection they crave with full seamless insight into their building.

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