We Work so That WeWork Stays Cool!

We Work so That WeWork Stays Cool!

Posted by: | Posted on: Wednesday, February 14, 2018

WeWork, the high-flying shared tenant start-up that has redefined workspace for the modern world, wanted intelligent climate control to match its intelligent workspace management vision. 

While WeWork turns cubes and offices into virtualized ‘objects’ that can be programmed, parsed and productized, getting an intelligent, programmable interface to physical building systems like HVAC, lighting, water and power is far more complex.  Bringing these crucial, yet often unconnected, elements into Building Automation Systems and the Internet of Things requires technology that understands the protocol soup of mis-matched proprietary systems to provide a common, standardized programmable interface. 


This is why leading companies including WeWorks have turned to Sierra Monitor Corporation (OTCQB:SRMC) to provide the linchpin between the programmable systems and the physical systems worlds.  SMC’s FieldServer gateways interwork more than 140 different protocols from equipment manufacturers across the spectrum of physical systems. 

Our EZ Gateway interface allows installers to select from a massive (and growing) list of pre-built interfaces for makes and models of equipment from more than 240 different OEMs.  Rather than mapping data points between protocols, SMC’s simplified Graphical User Interface (GUI) means that installers can plug in and move on in just minutes. 

With the help of a SMC FieldServer device, no bigger than the size of your hand, WeWork’s environmental control systems will automatically adapt to accommodate ever-changing workspace usage. Since our products “just work”, we help to ensure that WeWork facilities stay cool.

If you’d like more information about how SMC can solve your programmable systems challenges, please us at info@sierramonitor.com - we haven’t met a system we couldn’t fix.