Trick or Treat!

Trick or Treat!

Posted by: Lindsey Allen | Posted on: Wednesday, October 31, 2018

Halloween is always a blast around here. Keep scrolling along for some of our favorite potluck dishes and costumes from the SMC Family! 

Halloween Potluck

Favorite potluck dishes included Banana Leaf Salad, Shrimp Curry, Eggrolls, and Fried Banana Wontons. Yum! 

Halloween Potluck

Can you spot Marketing VP, Steve Shaw, as Mr. FieldServer in the all purple suit? 

Halloween Scaries!

We had a few zombies join us for lunch as well! Behind the masks is Kris Ackerknecht and Carlos Martinez.

Costume voting after lunch. Pictured: SMC Cloud, Data Points, Susie Bishop from Moonrise Kingdom, Zombie, Snow White.

Get your Data to the SMC Cloud!

Get your data to the cloud! Marketing duo Amber Livingston and Lindsey Allen demonstrate their costume.

Spice Girls

We even had a special appearance by the Spice Girls! CFO, Tamara Allen (Ground Nutmeg), joined by Stacey Wang (Red Pepper), Jo Ann Thompson (Pumpkin Spice), Tammy Barnes (Gingerbread Spice), and Angela Poon (Ground Allspice). 

Fun was had by all! In today’s hyper-competitive world, particularly here in Silicon Valley, it can sound trite to call our fellow employees ‘family’, but it truly is the sentiment and culture at SMC. We hope your Halloween was just as full of smiles, laughter, and sugar as ours was!