Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Teamwork Makes the Dream Work!

Posted by: Steve Shaw | Posted on: Wednesday, June 27, 2018

As we continue to celebrate our 40th anniversary with SMC Week, the company was treated to a pancake breakfast by the executive team this morning.

SMC Executive Team
From left to right: Mike Nugent, Michael Farr, Steve Shaw, Gordon Arnold, Jeff Brown, Tamara Allen, Bennie de Wet

It’s the people that make SMC one of the Top Places to Work in the Silicon Valley, and this was a great opportunity to acknowledge the hard work and dedication of the team. 

Co-executive chefs Jeff Brown and Gordon Arnold treated the crew to three different flavors of pancakes (plain, blueberry and chocolate chip).  Smoked meats master Michael Farr delivered a bacon for the ages.  The rest of the sous-chefs rounded out the meal with fruit, coffee and orange juice.  Two late entries – real maple syrup from Wisconsin (thank you Tamara) and hand-whipped cream (well done Gordon) were the “pièces de résistance”. 

Productivity may be a little sluggish this morning, hopefully the coffee and sugar will keep us rolling.