Preventative Maintenance – Could you benefit from it?

Preventative Maintenance – Could you benefit from it?

Posted by: | Posted on: Friday, July 12, 2019

We don’t have to tell you that there is a growing demand for device connectivity in industrial and commercial facilities. You see it everywhere you look, but you may not realize the concrete benefits you could take away from it. The underrated benefit our SMC Cloud customers are gaining? Preventative maintenance.

Although, mastering preventative maintenance feels like the holy grail in the manufacturing world. Trust us, we know! As life safety device manufacturers, we understand that preventative maintenance is a multi-faceted goal that all starts with cloud connectivity at the device level.

There are a handful of manufacturers that are implementing this solution utilizing our FieldServer cloud connectivity devices. One manufacturer we work with ensures that all of their equipment installed in hospitals is monitored very closely.

What are they monitoring for? Failure trends and patterns.

Could you imagine how catastrophic an industrial device failure would be at the hospital? Probably just as catastrophic as a boiler explosion in a college dorm building. Events like these can easily be avoided by implementing our cloud application FieldView - a suite of device management functions including:

  • Customized dashboard for visibility in the field
  • Inventory mapping and status of equipment
  • Alerts and notifications coming from your equipment 
  • Integrated product registration
  • Remote monitoring equipment to troubleshoot maintenance 

What’s slick about FieldView is that it allows the manufacturer to tunnel into their devices from any location and manage its functionality specific to their business needs. Such as monitoring temperature, pressure, energy, etc. FieldView provides users with a suite of tools that can benefit a business’s preventative maintenance strategy. 

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