GDPR + SMC = A Win-Win for Our Customers

GDPR + SMC = A Win-Win for Our Customers

Posted by: Steve Shaw | Posted on: Friday, May 18, 2018

Sierra Monitor has a long history as a trusted supplier to the life-safety, industrial and building automation markets. That trust, as a supplier and as a partner to you and your business, is very important to us.  

In light of the General Data Protection Regulations (GDPR) coming from the European Union, we moved quickly to assess our current data protection policies and ensure we would comply with the new regulations that will enter into effect on May 25.  

We have taken several actions to strengthen our protection of your personal data.

First and foremost, SMC is not in the business of selling, trading or bartering any information we collect about anyone.  

First, like most businesses, we collect information about you required to carry out standard business operations, for example to ship your order, bill you, or if you need help, support you; we also use cookies when you come to our website (feel free to decline the “we use cookies” statement on For this, we have updated our Privacy Policy, website terms of use, and SMC Cloud terms of service agreements -

Second, for our new SaaS platform SMC Cloud ( we implemented some additional actions as well. It is the first time SMC has offered an on-going service to customers who own FieldServer gateways. Since it’s a cloud-based service, we’ve put particular focus on the protection of personal data and created a rigorous inherited permissions system to manage who has access to what data. We have also made explicit the type of information we collect about you and asked for your consent for us to do so.

Today, European citizens make up a small percentage of our total contacts. But Europe is a growing market for SMC, and we take our responsibility to that market seriously. Some of our non-European customers who sell in Europe also require GDPR compliancy, and with these actions they can count on Sierra Monitor as a trusted partner for their business worldwide. 

If you have questions about specific actions SMC has taken with regard to GDPR or data privacy in general, please contact the newly appointed Data Protection Officer (me!) at Privacy at