CNG Explosion in North Mankato, Minnesota

CNG Explosion in North Mankato, Minnesota

Posted by: Amber Livingston | Posted on: Monday, November 26, 2018

The undesirable dangers of natural gas explosions have affected Allstate Peterbilt’s truck service shop in North Mankato Minnesota Wednesday, November 14th. The explosion struck at the shop where employees service compressed natural gas (CNG) trucks every day. But, on Wednesday morning, a CNG truck leaked natural gas into Allstate Peterbilt’s shop. The natural gas ignited and caused an unforeseen explosion prompting an immediate evacuation and leaving two injured.

Our Sierra Monitor Family is deeply sorry for the workers that were affected in this alarming event.


Allstate Peterbilt in North Mankato, Minnesota after the explosion. 


At Sierra Monitor, your life safety is what matters. Preventing these kinds of events are what drive Sierra Monitor to exceed expectations in all of our products. Throughout Sierra Monitor’s 40 years of gas detection, our line of combustible and toxic gas detectors meets the industry’s highest certifications for performance and safety. At Sierra Monitor, we are always improving so that our products can ensure a safe work environment.   

Sierra Monitor has experience in LNG/CNG service locations (Compressed Natural Gas Vehicle Maintenance Facility Modification Handbook). And we have a new stand-alone Combustible Gas Detector (made in the USA), that is designed extreme operating conditions common in a CNG Compressor environments. 

Our goal has always been to alleviate the worry of the personnel working in hazardous conditions –– it is our hope that we can bring this solution to a service shop near you. 


Amber Livingston

Marketing Associate