Bringing York HVAC Systems into LonWorks Networks

Bringing York HVAC Systems into LonWorks Networks

Posted by: Lindsey Allen | Posted on: Wednesday, February 6, 2019

LonWorks –- it's that protocol that we all love to hate. 

It's no longer developing, although it's managed to make a big enough of an impact to root its way into key controllers. (Thanks, Echelon.)

And if you know LonWorks, then you know those damn Neuron 5000 chipsets can be a serious hurdle to winning big deals. They're expensive and incredibly specific.  

York International is in the process of winning over a big customer with the help of our ProtoCarrier (Hint: you may have bought electronics from them on Black Friday). How are they doing it? By offering a cheaper Modbus to LonWorks solution. 

Our ProtoCarrier is a plug-and-play solution that allows for rapid deployment without having to redesign the hardware (a win-win for you and your customer). AND, it has that special, LonWorks specific, Neuron 5000 chipset in it. 

Low cost, plug-and-play, no redesign required, and low cost. 

I know, I said that last one twice on purpose. Our ProtoCarrier is 60% cheaper than the in-house LonWorks solution that is currently available to JCI teams. 

If that's the difference between winning a big deal and losing it to your competitor, give us a call at +1 (408) 262-6611 or send us an email to

We win, when you win -- let's make sure you keep winning.