Chemical & Pharmaceutical Safety and Automation

Enabling integrated hazard controls in chemically intensive process manufacturing

Chemically intensive “process” manufacturing facilities - from those used to produce semiconductors, pharmaceuticals, beverages, cement, and fertilizers - often utilize and produce various hazardous gases in the production of their products.

For instance, pharmaceutical facilities work with various toxic and oxygen displacing gases, such as Ethylene Oxide (ETO) for equipment sterilization. Semiconductor production involves gases such as silane and hydrogen. The build up of these gases in enclosed areas can be dangerous. Oxygen depletion can asphyxiate personnel entering the area while even small amounts of toxic gases can threaten injury or death. Continuous monitoring and early warning are the best means of preventing these accidents from occurring.


Gas Detection and Alarming

A well-designed fire and gas detection program needs to address the specific hazards associated with the facility's operations and enable the right event responses. For instance, semiconductor cleaning rooms are always exposed to the risk of fire due to the variety of flammable materials and liquids present. Constant monitoring with flame detection sensors designed for wet bench applications is needed to avert catastrophic events in a cleaning room.

Gas leak detector for pharmaceutical industry
Combustible Gases

Methane and Hydrogen

Gas leak detector for semiconductor industry
Oxygen Depleting Gases

Carbon Dioxide

Gas leak detector for Beverages industry
Toxic Gases

Ethylene Oxide and Hydrogen Chloride

Gas leak detector for fertilizer industry

Automation and Integration Strategies

Enabling responsive hazard detection and controls requires integrating installed flame and gas detection systems with the facility's centralized control system that manages all other aspects of its manufacturing processes. This entails enabling data connectivity between these sensors and the facility's Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition (SCADA), the Programmable Logic Controllers (PLC), or Building Management System (BMS) for integrated facility-wide hazard control and analytics.

Our Products

Sierra Monitor’s Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) approved Sentry IT fire and gas system can ensure the safety and protection of assets and personnel in boiler rooms. Sierra Monitor’s detectors and controllers offer the industry’s best Return on Investment (ROI) to the facility manager through innovations that minimize installation, commissioning, calibration, and life cycle maintenance costs. Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT solution is the preferred choice for the diligent and ROI-oriented facility management professional.

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Combustible Gas Detector – Catalytic Bead (5100-02)
View Product Ethylene Oxide leak detector
Combustible Gas Detector – Infrared (5100-28)
View Product Silane leak detector
Toxic Gas Detector – Electrochemical (5100-xx-IT)
View Product Hydrogen leak detector
Toxic Gas Detector – 2 Wire Electrochemical (4501-xx)
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Gas Sensor Monitor – Solid State (20X/200X)
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UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector 3100
View Product UV/IR/Vis Industrial Flame Detector 3100
UV/IR Flame Detector 3600-LB
View Product UV/IR Flame Detector 3600-LB
Triple IR Flame Detector 3600-I
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Sentry IT - 32 Channel Controller
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QuickServer Gateway
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Multiport Gateway
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