Sierra Monitor Corporation
Over the Years

Sierra Labs Incorporated

Our Sierra Monitor Corporation journey started with a very small company whose mission was to create the best portable personal gas monitors possible. Just two short years later, our name changed to Sierra Monitor Corporation and our focus slightly shifted to fixed installation gas detection systems. The name change in 1980 also brought along production expansion to facilities from Palo Alto to Sunnyvale.


Gordon Arnold, CEO

Gordon Arnold was a member of the founding team of Sierra Monitor Corporation. He became President in 1984 and was subsequently appointed Chief Executive Officer, Secretary, and Chief Financial Officer. Prior to joining Sierra Monitor, Gordon held various supervisory and management positions in semiconductor and electronics firms with responsibilities related to quality control, production management, and manufacturing logistics. He has participated in the management of numerous electronic product design teams including the development of mil-spec level instruments and microprocessor based gas detection systems.


Introduction of TELCO Products

The TELCO 2450 product was one of our pioneering CEV Gas Monitors. To this day, Sierra Monitor remains the only CEV Control System used by major telephone companies.


Moved to Milpitas

Shortly after our TELCO industry debut, we moved our head offices to Milpitas, where we are still located today.



A big win in Sierra Monitor's history came in the early 90's with the installation of fixed H2S Monitors for all Navy ships. To this day, the Navy only allows Sierra Monitor brand H2S Monitors on all of their ships.


FieldServer Technologies

After the acquisition of Diamond Process Associates, FieldServer Technologies was born. Initially, Sierra Monitor kept FieldServer as a separate entity choosing not to mix protocol translation devices with gas detection systems. Eventually, the FieldServer brand was incorporated with Sierra Monitor and now serves as a subsequent product line.


Milpitas Expansion

With the continuous growth of both FieldServer and Flame and Gas Detection product lines, a larger manufacturing and inventory facility was needed. It was at this point that we expanded into the building across from us -- internally, we refer to is as Building 2.


SMC Cloud

Sierra Monitor's cloud offering first started as strictly Point of Presence functionality -- namely, FieldPoP. After much consideration, we took the leap into cloud technology and are excited to be offering our customers secure remote connectivity with all FieldServer IIoT gateways, giving users the ability to configure, update, and support all connected industrial devices.


Jeff Brown

As Gordon Arnold prepares for retirement, Jeff Brown joins the Sierra Monitor family as the new CEO. Jeff is an experienced Chief Executive Officer with a demonstrated history of success across a number of companies and industries. He is skilled in Go-to-market Strategy, Mobile Applications, Management, Software as a Service (SaaS), IoT, Mergers & Acquisitions and eHealth. He is a strong business development professional with experience in network, software, and client businesses. We are thrilled to see where he takes Sierra Monitor next.