Military Facility Management

Sierra Monitor is a proud supplier to the Armed Forces of the United States. Sierra Monitor’s products are used to detect, alarm, and mitigate hazard conditions from gas and fire on board the U.S. Navy’s different vessels. Aircraft carriers, submarines, and destroyers all have different roles, but they all require similar gas and flame detection.

Large vessels are like large facilities in that they carry hundreds of personnel at a time, and have generators, piping, fuel tanks, and sewage piping. Enclosed spaces coupled with generators running on diesel can result in Carbon Monoxide buildup and oxygen depletion. Hydrogen Sulfide, a byproduct of degenerating raw organic waste, can spread through carbon, holding and transfer (CHT) rooms, piping systems, and sewage piping and holding compartments. Chlorine leaks can be found in laundry rooms, and combustible gases such as Hydrogen (H2) can be generated from rusty metal. Fire detection and notification are also critical requirements, as vessels can come under attack and fires can break out in various sections of the vessel.

Hazardous gas and fire risks can also be high in aircraft hangars, where many different aircrafts are stored. The various flammable liquids used in these hangars include aviation fuels, lubricants, solvents, hydraulic fluids, and more. In the event of a leak, these fluids can release unwanted hazardous gas and potentially lead to an explosion.

Products for Military Facility Management

Sierra Monitor has received the Silver Award by the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime as one of the government’s best suppliers. Firms that qualify as Automated Best Value System award winners have met the stringent quality and delivery requirements established by the Defense Logistics Agency.

Sierra Monitor provides the military with Nationally Recognized Testing Lab (NRTL) approved gas and fire detection systems that can ensure the safety and protection of high-value assets and personnel on-board naval vessels and at other military installations. Our secure FieldServer multi-protocol gateways can be used to integrate these systems into larger operational and analytics systems.