Solid State NH3 & Refrigerant Monitors 2050/2060

Sierra Monitor’s NH3 2050 and Refrigerant 2060 monitors are continuous duty, low cost stationary monitors for detection of high levels of Ammonia (NH3) and halocarbon refrigerant gases.

The 2050/2060 monitors are based on solid state (semiconductor)technology, a simple and robust method of detection capable of detecting low points-per-million (ppm) levels of gases.

The 2050/2060 monitors are primarily used in and around freezers, refrigerators, and compressor rooms to warn of leaks and dangerous levels of these gases. Housed in a polystyrene enclosure, these monitors are made to withstand and provide stable detection in these applications. The alarm on a 2050/2060 monitor is activated when the concentration of gas exceeds the factory preset (and user adjustable) limit. Alarm signals can be relayed to a gas alarm control system.

Solid State NH3 & Refrigerant Monitors 2050/2060

  • Solid-State Technology – Lower operation costs and reliably detect hazardous gases
  • Polystyrene Enclosure – Withstand cold temperatures and operate effectively in harsh conditions

Specifications for Solid State NH3 & Refrigerant Monitors 2050/2060


  • Green LED for Monitor “ON”/Safe
  • Red LED for Alarm

Sensor Type

  • Solid State MOS (Metal Oxide Semiconductor)

Alarm Setpoint

  • 2050: 100 ppm NH3
  • 2060:
    • R11: 500 ppm
    • R12: 500 ppm
    • R22: 50 ppm
    • R113: 100 ppm
    • R123: 70 ppm
    • R134a: 50 ppm
    • R141b: 40 ppm
    • R142b: 40 ppm
    • R500: 40 ppm
    • R502: 70 ppm
  • User adjustable with calibration over range of 50 to 500 ppm

Calibration Gas

  • 2050: 80 ppm (Hydrogen H2)
  • 2060: 150 ppm Carbon Monoxide (CO)


  • 9-24 VDC, 250 mA

Signal Output

  • 2050/2060:
    • Nominal 5 volt DC, source 25 mA. SAFE and ALARM signals
    • 0.5 amp dry contact, 100 VDC, 130 VAC, and audible

Response Time

  • Less than 90 seconds

Operating Temperature

  • -4o to 158oF (-20o to 70oC)

Enclosure Material

  • Polystyrene


  • 5.6 x 3.1 x 2.1 in. (14.2 x 7.9 x 5.3 cm)


  • 0.3 lb. (0.15 Kg)


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