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Semiconductor Manufacturing Solutions from Sierra Monitor and FieldServer Technologies

Semiconductor manufacturing solutions from Sierra Monitor and FieldServer TechnologiesThe manufacturing of Semiconductors and other high technology devices usually entails the use of various hazardous and combustible gases including Silane, Hydrogen, and others. Sierra Monitor’s Sentry Gas Detection System includes sensors for many toxic gases used in the industry. In addition Sierra Monitor’s gas alarm monitors, including the CM980411 for Hydrides (including Silane) and CM99-447 for Ammonia are used in the Semiconductor manufacturing industry to monitor for these specialty gases.

Fire is always a danger in Semiconductor clean rooms where the equipment houses a variety of flammable materials and liquids including IsoPropyl Alcohol. The Model 3200 Flame Detector is specially designed for these Wet Bench applications to constantly monitor for flames that could lead to a catastrophe in the clean room.

Bringing the data from the various sensors, devices and systems in a semiconductor plant to the central processing system is important in the safety, efficiency and operation of the semiconductor manufacturing facility. The FieldServer gateway is important in this situation since the extensive FieldServer driver library has a wide range of protocols used in this industry including Modbus, LonWorks, ControlNet and Profibus.