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OEM solutions from Sierra Monitor and FieldServer Technologies ProtoCessor

OEM solutions from Sierra Monitor and ProtoCessorEquipment manufacturers are faced with the choices every day of how to be able to link their device to the various systems found in product plants, buildings and other operations. Some industries have prevalent protocols used in interoperability, but most industries have various protocols, none of which is prevalent. In the process control industry users will find such protocols as Modbus, DF1, Profibus, ControlNet, EtherNet/IP, SNMP and others. In the building automation systems common protocols include LonWorks, BACnet, Metasys and Modbus. In addition, there is a full range of proprietary protocols that might be important to a particular device.

ProtoCessor from FieldServer Technologies is designed to make it easy for device manufacturers to design in a simple solution that will meet their interoperability challenges. ProtoCessor uses the extensive FieldServer driver library to meet most interoperability concerns.

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