Product Information

Military Solutions from Sierra Monitor and FieldServer Technologies

The U.S. Navy uses the Model N1400 Hydrogen Sulfide Gas Detector System on-board all surface vessels to detect Hydrogen Sulfide in shipboard spaces containing sanitary waste equipment, in particular, the Collection, Holding and Transfer (CHT) rooms. In a typical installation each othe four detector heads is mounted in the CHT room and the control unit is mounted in the passageway outside the CHT room. The detector heads monitor the air for Hydrogen Sulfide gas and send continuous signals to the control unit. The Model N1400 was designed, tested and approved to meet MIL Spec requirements for shipboard use.

The U.S. Air Force uses Sentry hazardous gas detection systems in hangers housing expensive bombers to monitor for leakage and buildup of jet fuel vapors in enclosed areas. The SMC Flame Detectors are used by branches of the military to monitor for flames in hazardous areas of hangers and on-board vessels.

The FieldServer Facilities Management Gateway is approved by the U.S. Army Corps of Engineers as the gateway to enable interface of proprietary legacy systems to LonWorks open systems networks in building and facilities operated by the Corps of Engineers. The FieldServer gateway is also is used various applications ranging from on-board U.S. Naval vessels to Air Defense sites to interface fire alarm panels and building control systems to PLCs and distributed control systems.

Defense Logistics AgencySierra Monitor Corporation is honored to have received the Silver Award by the Defense Logistics Agency Land and Maritime as one of the government's best suppliers. This award met that Sierra Monitor has met the stringent quality and delivery requirements established by the Defense Logistics Agency.