FieldPoP is offered under a “freemium” model, with a standard package that is included with the purchase of Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer or Sentry IT products;  and a premium package targeted at customers who are looking to fully exploit the value of secure remote connectivity.

FieldPoP: Standard Package

The standard package associated with the FieldServer products enables the customer to remotely run the web applications that come standard on that FieldServer product. For example, the FS-GUI is a standard but powerful configuration application that is available on all FieldServer products with the exception of the FieldServer BACnet Explorer. The FS-GUI application lets the user register the FieldServer device with FieldPoP and subsequently, the FS-GUI application itself is accessible remotely through FieldPoP, allowing the FieldServer administrator to work remotely. Many FieldServer products such as the EZ gateway and BACnet router also have a rich and comprehensive web interface (in addition to FS-GUI) which also becomes accessible remotely over FieldPoP.

The standard package associated with Sierra Monitor’s Sentry IT Controller provides secure remote access from FieldPoP to the Sentry InSite facility management application, which is a customized industrial-style Human Machine Interface (HMI) appropriate for gas monitoring.

FieldPoP: Premium Package

Customers looking to unleash the full value of the IIoT take advantage of the premium package. At the present time, we have a single premium package that includes customized local field (or fog) applications running on the FieldServer product and accessible through the FieldPoP device cloud. These applications are skinned to the customers’ preference and customized to reflect the devices behind the FieldServer product. The ability to upload data from FieldServer products in the field into the FieldPoP device cloud – whether on a periodic interval or on Change of Value (COV) – along with the ability to push cloud-based notifications to users are also part of the premium package.

In addition to a set-up fee, we charge our premium customers a recurring fee that is generally tied to the number of deployed FieldServer products that are connected to FieldPoP. The Premium Package is recommended for forward-thinking OEM customers who want to differentiate themselves from their competition.

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