​Managing Your Facility Through the Cloud

One of the distinguishing features of FieldPoP is that it implements a secure path from the cloud (FieldPoP) to the field (Sentry IT with embedded FieldServer). This allows a remote user to securely run web applications that are resident on the FieldServer-embedded products in the field. Unlike many device clouds that insist that all field data be sent to the cloud and that all intelligence reside in the cloud, the FieldServer – FieldPoP architecture is one that supports distributed control and recognizes that some applications are better run in the field. With this architectural philosophy that recognizes the importance of local applications; FieldPoP provides users a method to access these local applications through the cloud, no matter where they might be physically located.

​Application Engine

All local applications are hosted in the “Application Engine” environment that runs on the FieldServer products. The Application Engine is a powerful node.js development and runtime environment for JavaScript based applications.

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​Standard Application: Sentry InSite

The Sentry InSite is an intuitive web-based monitoring application that runs on a FieldServer gateway that is embedded within the Sentry IT Controller for gas detection and monitoring.  Sierra Monitor offers this combination of the InSite application and the FieldServer gateway as an “InSite appliance” that can be ordered with the Sentry IT Controller. Sentry InSite provides safety managers and service engineers with the ability to locally access and monitor their facility’s fire and gas safety system. The InSite application show the status summary of all gas detectors along with levels of gas detection, alarms, and alerts. The user interface is designed to fit the workflow of hazardous facilities where the solution is deployed. In conjunction with the FieldPoP device cloud, the InSite application can also be accessed from remote locations in a secure manner.

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