FieldPoP and Local Field / Fog Applications

FieldPoP works with Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer IIoT family of protocol gateways, routers, and explorers. Customers that use any FieldServer product are eligible to set up an account on and take advantage of FieldPoP’s capabilities: field device and user management, service and support capabilities, and integration of data generated by the devices to business and analytics applications.

One of the distinguishing features of FieldPoP is that it implements a secure path from the cloud (FieldPoP) to the field (FieldServer). This allows a remote user to securely run web applications that are resident on the FieldServer products in the field. Unlike many device clouds that insist that all field data be sent to the cloud and that all intelligence reside in the cloud, the FieldServer – FieldPoP architecture is one that supports distributed control and recognizes that some applications are better run in the field. Some in the industry also refer to such local applications as “fog” applications to distinguish them from applications that run in the cloud. With this architectural philosophy that recognizes the importance of local applications; FieldPoP provides users a method to access these local applications through the cloud, no matter where they might be physically located.

Application Engine

All local field / fog applications, whether they are Standard or Custom, are hosted in the “Application Engine” environment that runs on the FieldServer products. The Application Engine is a powerful node.js development and runtime environment for JavaScript based applications.

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Standard Application: FS-GUI

The FieldServer Graphical User Interface (FS -GUI) which runs on all FieldServer products allows users to check status and diagnostics including such information as network settings, connection status, node information, map descriptors, and error messages. In addition to information about the FieldServer product itself, the FS-GUI also sheds light on the status and health of the devices connected to it.

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Standard Applications: Enhanced Configuration

Many of our FieldServer products have rich configuration user interfaces that provide functionality similar to FS-GUI but with industry-leading ease-of-use.

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Value-Added Applications

In addition to being a standalone appliance, the BACnet Explorer is also available as a value-added application for a FieldServer. Users can discover, test, and debug BACnet networks and devices connected to the FieldServer. OEMs might use this capability to simplify and validate the successful installation of their devices into a BACnet network.

Custom Applications

Sierra Monitor often works with its key OEMs to develop web-based custom applications. Custom applications generally provide visual status information about the OEM devices connected to the FieldServer gateway, router, or controller; log and trend history of important data points generated by the OEM devices; and log various operator actions for security and diagnostics. A typical custom application package for an OEM might include modules such as:

  1. System View: All OEM devices connected to the FieldServer gateway appear here. Users can drill down into each device individually to retrieve specific status information or to set specific data points with the right read/write permissions.
  2. Historian: Users can select devices to timestamp, store, and view. This device data is displayed on a graphical display for trending and is typically stored on the FieldServer gateway for up to 30 days. When paired with the FieldPoP device cloud, device data can be uploaded to the cloud on periodic intervals or on Change of Value (COV).
  3. Event Logger: Users can view a comprehensive listing of events, such as alarm notifications from devices and user action on the FieldServer. When paired with the FieldPoP device cloud, these events can also be pushed up into the cloud.

Similar to other applications, custom applications run locally on the FieldServer products, can be accessed locally, and additionally, when the FieldServer product is paired with the FieldPoP device cloud, the applications can be run remotely, greatly increasing the OEM’s ability to serve and delight their customers.