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Combustible Gas, Toxic Gas, Oxygen Deficiency
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Sierra Monitor fixed gas detectors, gas monitors, flame detectors and hazardous gas detection systems are used in industrial markets worldwide. Sierra Monitor's hazardous gas detection technology is among the most advanced in the industry, providing combustible gas, toxic gas, oxygen deficiency and flame detection systems that protect both life and property.


The Sierra Monitor Gas Detectors range from basic gas monitors with alarms to complete plant-wide intelligent hazardous gas detection systems utilizing digital 2-way communications between the sensors and the controller and the controller to the plant DCS. The Sentry IT Smart Gas Detectors provide multiple avenues of interface to plant- wide industrial controls.


Whether you need a fixed point hazardous gas detection system with gas detectors at likely leakage points with a single monitoring station, or a complete multi-point plant-side system of hazardous gas detectors, flame detectors, and toxic gas detection, Sierra Monitor can bring you state-of-the-art solutions that work.

Hazardous gas detection product overview
Sierra Monitor Fire and Gas Detection Systems
Solutions to protect life and property via Information Technologies

Sierra Monitor Corporate Capabilities (video)

Sentry IT Fire & Gas System – "Best in Class" fire and gas detection system integrating intelligent IT sensors to modern comprehensive controller emphasizing Information Technology as a key ingredient of system design. Capability to simultaneously interface via analog 4-20 mA, RS-485 Modbus, Relay contact and SentryBus insures that both new and legacy sensor modules can be deployed.

Smart Gas Detectors (IT Series) - smart gas detector sensor modules incorporating 4-20 mA, Sentry and Modbus output, digital display, relays and extensive diagnostics for proven reliability and flexibility.

Flame Detectors – Industrial flame detectors utilizing multi-spectrum design provides reliable continuous flame detection without false alarms. Various products available for specific industrial applications.

2-Wire Gas Sensors - the latest in loop-powered gas detection loaded with features not normally found in these easily to install sensor modules, continous self-diagnostics, 16-character display and the longest calibration interval in the hazardous gas detection industry.


Specialty 4-20 mA Analog Gas Sensors – in addition to the powerful Sentry IT Series Smart Gas Sensors, Sierra Monitor has a variety of specialty gas sensors for unique gases and applications that utilize 4-20 mA output.


Gas Monitors – basic go/no-go gas alarms and monitors. These gas monitors are ideal for applications that require simple audio or visual alarms in the presence of hazardous gas over a preset limit.

Open Path Gas Detection - real-time gas detection monitoring of gaseous emissions over large areas for both combustible and toxic gases. This gas monitor has high immunity to false alarms and a rugged design that has been proven in a wide range of hostile climate conditions.

Gas Detector Calibrators and Accessories
- Sierra Monitor has the calibrators and sensor accessories necessary to meet your specific application requirements.

Custom Systems – systems designed for a variety of industrial, commercial and military applications. Whatever your application needs, Sierra Monitor's expertise in hazardous gas detection and monitoring can develop the ideal solution.