Sentry IT Certification Training Course

Attend a Sentry IT Certification Training Course to gain knowledge about the Sentry IT gas and flame detection solutions! This class is intended to provide essential understanding of detection principals, sensor technology, characteristics of hazardous gases, proper equipment selection, and good installation and maintenance practices. Participants will be educated about current codes and standards as they apply to these life safety systems.

The class will also show how to integrate these detection systems with building automation, industrial automation and mass notification systems. Class provides hands-on instruction time with live equipment showing calibration, troubleshooting and maintenance procedures. The class will be taught by Sierra Monitor's Fire and Gas Product Manager, who has more than 20 years of experience developing, selecting, and installing such systems.

At the end of the educational course, a certification test of proper installation, calibration, and maintenance of the Sentry IT equipment will be conducted.

Sentry IT Certification Training Courses are held twice a year: one in the West (Playa Vista, California) and one in the Midwest (Chicago, Illinois).

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Why Should I Be Certified?

The following is taken from the amended Los Angles Municipal Code approved by the LA City Mayor on May 2nd, 2008:

“Sec. 5. Section 57.06.01 of the Los Angeles Municipal Code is amended by adding a new Subsection G to read:

G. No person shall, without a valid Certificate of Fitness as required by this article, test or certify any gas detection system.”

The interpretation of this amendment by the authority of jurisdiction, LAFD, have concluded this to mean that the person performing test or installation to be trained and certified by the manufacturer of the equipment. LAFD has also included this requirement in their testing deputy program, called Reg. 4, Section J.

As a Certified Service Provider, Sierra Monitor will promote your company via the website and may invite you to bid on Sierra Monitor-awarded service jobs.

How Do I Get Certified?

There are two ways to be certified by Sierra Monitor: certification by training and testing, and certification by long-term experience.

The Sentry IT Certification Training Course is a periodic training course that covers installation, operation, maintenance, and documentation for the Sentry IT product line. Certification testing will include a written exam and physical demonstration to display product expertise.

Technicians who demonstrate that they have installed, serviced, and maintained Sentry IT systems for at least three years can be certified. If you fall into this category, you can contact your local Sierra Monitor Regional Sales Manager for a submission request.

The certificate is valid for two years from the date of issue. To be re-certified, you must provide proof of field activity two years, or attend the next Sentry IT Certification Training Course.

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