FieldServer Essentials Training Course

Attend a FieldServer Essentials Training Course to understand everything you need to know about the FieldServer product line and the building automation industry!

On the first day, participants will review the basics of most common automation protocols and learn how to configure, install, commission, and debug the FieldServer protocol gateway. On the second day, participants are encouraged to bring their own devices to participate in a “plug-fest" where they will interface their devices to other systems over a network.

The cost of the class includes a free FieldServer IIoT product that the participants can continue to use in subsequent field integration projects. The instructor of this training course is a FieldServer-approved system integrator who has over 15 years of experience with protocol conversion and systems integration.

FieldServer Essentials Training Courses are held three times a year at Sierra Monitor headquarters in Milpitas, California.

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Why Should I Attend?

This training course provides hands-on, customer-tailored instructions about configuration, installation, commissioning, debugging, and networking FieldServer equipment. Whether you are a systems integrator installing FieldServer products in the field, a Sierra Monitor distributor selling FieldServer products, or a technical support representative assisting a customer working with a FieldServer product, this course will provide you with the product knowledge and expertise to make your life easier.

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