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Sierra Monitor and its various product groups are represented around the world and we do encourage you to contact the appropriate local representative when seeking information about a specific product area. On the left of this page you will see links to these appropriate contacts. In addition we have Regional and National sales management and product support teams that are here to help serve our customers.

Sierra Monitor Corporation – Gas Detection Systems

Support Phone Email
General Sales Support 408-262-6611
USA - East Coast Sales 408-964-4434
USA - Midwest Sales 408-964-4416
USA - Western Sales 408-964-4429
Product Mgr/Applications 408-964-4428
Latin America Sales 408-964-4432
Asia/Australia Sales 408-964-4410
Middle East Sales 9714-258-8155
Other International Sales 408-964-4445
Support Gas Detection Products 408-964-4441

Sierra Monitor Corporation – Telecom Facilities Controller Products

Support Phone Email
Telecom Products Sales 408-964-4445
Support Telecom Products 408-964-4430

FieldServer Technologies – Gateways

Support Phone Email
General Sales Support 408-964-4447
Western USA 408-964-4447
Central USA 408-964-4413
Eastern USA 408-964-4414
Europe +49 30 510 65233
Middle East/India +971-50-2539657
Other International 408-964-4432
Technical Support 408-964-4443


Support Phone Email
General Sales Support 408-964-4433
Technical Support 408-964-4444

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Sierra Monitor is always anxious to receive feedback from our customers and users. Please feel free to complete the Customer Comment form and send this information to Sierra Monitor.