FieldServer Protocol Gateways and Routers

FieldServer for Integrators

For systems integrators and installers, time is money. The longer it takes to commission a site, the longer it takes to get paid. Unfortunately, integrators and installers are often caught by surprise by some of the requirements they find on site. For example, it might be necessary to integrate a legacy fire panel to a BACnet management system, or it might be necessary to use a proprietary protocol built on XML to connect a simple Modbus device to a cloud service. Given the protocol soup that exists today, the integrator has to expect one or more surprises on site.

Integrators and installers need a versatile and flexible protocol gateway they can rely on to deal with surprises. While the majority of automation projects may require just a handful of well-known protocols, obscure protocols are always lurking around the corner, ready to delay the install. Integrators and installers need to know that their protocol gateways not only support the most efficient, standards-compliant, and certified implementations of the well-known protocols, but also support the drivers required to connect obscure Protocol X to obscure Protocol Y. Sierra Monitor's FieldServer protocol gateways support more than 140 protocols, the highest number in the industry by far.

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FieldServer for OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) develop products and systems for heating, cooling, lighting, power generation, metering, environment control, and safety that need to communicate with each other or need to be integrated into higher-level building, industrial, or facilities management systems. Request for Proposals (RFPs) often specify the specific building, industrial automation, or other control protocols that an OEM's products need to support in order to fit into the overall facilities control architecture. The OEMs that support the broadest range of protocols have access to the largest number of opportunities and have a competitive advantage over their peers. 

OEMs need to add hardware and software to their products to support popular protocols like BACnet MS/TP, BACnet/IP, LonWorks, KNX, Modbus TCP/IP, Modbus RTU, Metasys N2, SNMP, XML, etc. OEMs can either choose to internally develop such hardware and software, or can source and bundle third-party protocol gateways with their product.

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