FieldServer for Integrators and Solution Providers

For systems integrators and solution providers, time is money. The longer it takes to commission a site, the longer it takes to get paid. Unfortunately, integrators and solution providers are often caught by surprise by some of the requirements they find on site. For example, it might be necessary to integrate a legacy fire panel to a BACnet management system, or they might need to use a proprietary protocol built on XML to connect a simple Modbus device to a cloud service.

Given the protocol soup that exists today, the integrator or installer has to expect one or more surprises on site. While the majority of automation projects may require just a handful of well-known protocols (BACnet, Modbus, etc.), obscure protocols are always lurking around the corner, ready to delay the install.

In addition to flexibility, integrators and solution providers should consider the following requirements when selecting their multi-protocol gateway or router:

  • Is it simple to configure and deploy? Is it cloud-connected? Is it smartphone and tablet friendly? By using technologies such as auto-discovery, profiles, easy to edit configuration files, and simple GUI-based configurators, FieldServer multi-protocol gateways deliver ease of use along with flexibility.
  • What risks are associated with deploying the multi-protocol gateway or router? Is it deployed widely? Will it work as advertised? Will the protocol implementations stay current? More than 200,000 Sierra Monitor FieldServer multi-protocol gateways have been deployed to date, more than any other gateway in the world.
  • What support does the gateway vendor offer to the on-site integrator? Does the vendor have well-trained support staff who share the integrator's urgency and can assist in commissioning the site rapidly? Even though a gateway product may be easy to use, there can still be surprises. Sierra Monitor's support organization has built a reputation for unmatched support.
  • Are the protocol drivers in the gateway or router certified and interoperable with other standard implementations? For example, is the product’s BACnet implementation approved by BTL to the latest level (Rev 12)?

With multi-protocol flexibility, ease-of-use, wide deployment, world-class technical support, and standards-certified implementations, along with seamless connectivity to the FieldPoP device cloud, Sierra Monitor's family of FieldServer multi-protocol gateways, BACnet routers, and BACnet explorers is truly the Swiss Army knife of systems integration.

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