Sierra Monitor’s family of FieldServer IIoT gateways, routers, and explorers, along with the SMC Cloud, are used by Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) of building and industrial automation projects, system integrators, solution providers, and facility managers to:

  1. Connect devices such as controllers, sensors, actuators, and other instruments to local management or supervisory systems like building management systems (BMS), supervisory control and data acquisition (SCADA) systems, or distributed control systems (DCS).

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  2. Connect devices to the cloud for secure remote access and support, data analysis, and to provide device data securely and continuously to new cloud-based applications.

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  3. Implement analysis and control strategies that distribute functionality between the cloud layer and a “fog” layer by adding local configuration, monitoring, trending, logging, and control logic to the FieldServer products.

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FieldServer for OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEMs) that target the facility management or smart buildings/smart cities market develop products and systems for heating, cooling, lighting, power generation, metering, environment control, security, safety, and hundreds of other applications that improve comfort, productivity, and efficiency.

FieldServer IIoT products address three major OEM requirements:

  1. OEMs need to respond to Requests for Proposals (RFPs) that often specify the automation and control protocols that the OEM’s products must be compliant with in order to fit within the facility’s overall control architecture. The OEMs that support the broadest range of protocols have access to the largest number of opportunities and have a competitive advantage over their peers.
  2. An OEM must have the ability to connect to and remotely manage their products so they can provide a superior level of proactive service and support to their customers. Often, OEMs sell through distribution channels and do not have visibility to where their products are sold or how they are used. Taking advantage of the IIoT through FieldServer and FieldPoP enables the OEMs to reassert their value by staying connected to their products.
  3. An OEM often has to add supplemental functionality for logging, trending, or monitoring that strengthens their core product functionality. Being able to add such functions on the FieldServer IIoT gateway allows the OEM to reduce total system cost by eliminating the need for add-on data logging devices and human machine interface (HMI) devices.

FieldServer IIoT gateways are available in a variety of form factors that are OEM-appropriate. The gateways can be embedded into an OEM device or offered as a customer-ordered option from the OEM’s catalog. FieldServer IIoT gateways are used by more than 200 OEMs.

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FieldServer for Integrators and Solution Providers

Integrators and installers know that the longer it takes to complete a project and commission a site, the longer it takes to get paid. Integrators and installers are often asked to connect various devices within a facility to each other or to a local management system. Therefore, integrators need gateways that support well-known protocols but can also connect to obscure protocols. Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer multi-protocol gateways, routers, and explorers support more than 140 protocols, the highest number in the industry by far.

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Additionally, given the wide-spread use of BACnet in automation projects today, integrators and installers need to also include BACnet Routers and BACnet Explorers in their toolkit in addition to multi-protocol gateways. BACnet Routers are typically used to integrate BACnet MS/TP devices into a BACnet/IP backbone – a far more efficient approach than burning up ports on an expensive BACnet controller. A BACnet Explorer is a tool that integrators and installers use to validate device and network commissioning so they can complete the project and get paid on-time.

Finally, the integrator should be able to remotely connect to the gateways, routers, or explorers in order to provide remote installation and post-implementation support.

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Solution providers who develop and implement value-added software applications for various aspects of facility management such as asset management, energy management, smart building workflow, etc. need to be able to retrieve data from the devices within a facility to feed their applications. The FieldServer gateways, routers, and explorers, along with the FieldPoP device cloud, act as the perfect on-ramp from the facility to the solution provider’s application.

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