A Profile is a convenient mapping file that fully defines a device’s attributes to be used for protocol translation. Through the use of Profiles, system integrators have the ability to create or upload predefined configuration files into a FieldServer gateway for fast configuration between a field device and a network.

When loaded and opened for viewing, a Profile displays device attributes, also known as configuration parameters. These can be adjusted by an integrator for the current application and can be used again on different applications with the same products.

Our world-class technical support team has developed Profiles for many common field devices. Uploading our Profiles into the FieldServer gateway requires minimal effort by an integrator, relieving the need to spend unnecessary time writing a new profile configuration every time a device needs to be commissioned.

If you would like to view our list of Profiles or purchase a Profile for your FieldServer gateway, contact us today.

Loading a Profile into a FieldServer Gateway

System integrators tasked with loading Profiles into a FieldServer gateway can do so through the FS-GUI application or the FieldServer Toolbox.

Read the Profile Configuration Guide to learn more »

EZ Profiles

Sierra Monitor has a number of EZ Profiles available, a special group of Profiles specifically for the EZ Gateway Modbus to BACnet. The EZ Profiles listed in our interactive library have been created by our Configuration Engineers for the EZ Gateway, and are written for common Modbus field devices.

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