The FieldServer Graphical User Interface (FS-GUI) is the diagnostics web application which runs locally on all FieldServer products. As a Standard application, the FS-GUI is free and available for all users.

The FS-GUI allows users to:

  • Check the status and diagnostics of a FieldServer product, including information such as network settings, connection status, node information, map descriptors, and error messages
  • Monitor a working FieldServer product’s internal data and parameters
  • Change or update a FieldServer product’s internal data and parameters
  • Transfer files to and from a FieldServer product
  • Delete files on a FieldServer product
  • Change the FieldServer product’s IP address
  • Restart a FieldServer product
  • Serve as a connection and registration point for the FieldPoP device cloud interface

Installing a FieldServer Product in the Field with the FS-GUI

Installing a FieldServer product in the field is an easy task with the FS-GUI. To begin, users have two methods available to access the FS-GUI: using the FS-GUI’s Discovery Tool or connecting through a web browser.

The Discovery Tool is used to find FieldServer products on the network. The Discovery Tool can be found on the flash drive shipped with the FieldServer unit, or it can be downloaded from the Resource Center. The Discovery Tool will only find the FieldServer product existing on the same subnet as the computer. From here, the user can connect to FS-GUI. However, if the IP address is known, the user can type the address in a web browser for access to the FS-GUI as well.

Once connection to the FS-GUI is established, users can select the Setup page to upload configuration files to finish installing the FieldServer product.


Using the FS-GUI for Diagnostics

Within the FS-GUI, there are a variety of tools to choose from to perform diagnostics.

From the Home page, users can check the status of the FieldServer product, including the configuration code, version, memory, gateway type, and more. Under the Settings option, users have access to important network information.

From the View page, users can view all activities of the devices connected to the FieldServer product’s ports. Users can also view data arrays, nodes, map descriptors, and error statistics. With a detailed view into the diagnostics, the FS-GUI sheds light on the status and health of the devices connected to it.


To learn more about the FS-GUI’s capabilities: