Facility managers, whether responsible for an industrial facility or a large commercial facility, rely on automation to run their facilities efficiently, and with insight. Automation requires the ability to connect a wide variety of devices and systems to each other and to centralized management systems. While many devices and systems use well-known protocols such as BACnet, LonWorks, Modbus, M-BUS, KNX, SNMP, and XML, there are more than 100 other protocols that are in use in facilities around the world. These include industrial protocols such as Ethernet/IP that a Programmable Logic Controller (PLC) might use, and vendor-specific protocols such as Veeder-Root, EnergyWise, and McQuay MicroTech 1.

The FieldServer protocol gateway is unique in its ability to support over 140 protocols, including many obscure ones. As a result, the FieldServer protocol gateway is an indispensable “Swiss Army knife" tool for integrators. It allows them to complete their integration projects on time, no matter which vendor or protocol they run into on-site.


FieldServer protocol gateway and converter products from Sierra Monitor can connect virtually any device or system to any other device or system. In addition to the most popular or well-known protocols, the FieldServer protocol gateways also support more than 100 lesser-known protocols. Buyers usually order one of the hardware platforms below and specify the drivers they want loaded on it.

Protocol Drivers

The FieldServer protocol gateway is ordered with two or more protocols from our extensive library of protocols: