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Gas DetectionSierra Monitor Corporation, a public corporation (OTC: SRMC), designs, manufacturers and sells safety and environmental instrumentation. The company’s unique protocol translator product lines enable communication between disparate electronic systems overcoming protocol language barriers. By enabling communication between central building automation systems and many electronic subsystems, such as fire panels, chillers and air handlers, Sierra Monitor assists with the integration of energy saving systems. The company’s products improve the safety and comfort of workers while contributing to climate and natural resource protection. Sierra Monitor’s intelligent hazardous gas detection systems can be found in a broad range of applications including US Navy ships, wastewater treatment facilities, refineries, offshore oil platforms, chemical plants, parking garages and underground telephone vaults providing 24/7 protection of personnel and facilities. The four primary product groups are:

  • Hazardous gas detection systems - used in a wide variety of industries, including chemical/petrochemical, wastewater treatment, transportation and oil and gas industries. Sierra Monitor is widely known as a technological leader in gas detection systems.
  • Telecom Site Management Products - used by most telecommunications companies nationwide to monitor, manage and control HVAC, safety and security in remote environmental enclosures.
  • FieldServer Technologies - protocol translator/gateways manufactured by the FieldServer Technologies division of Sierra Monitor providing the interoperability desired in the process control and building automation industries.
  • ProtoCessor - protocol coprocessor from FieldServer Technologies is an OEM solution for product designers to incorporate an embedded solution to provide output to widely accepted protocols

With over 30 years of industry experience and more than 25,000 installations worldwide, Sierra Monitor is an industry leader in their fields:

  • First to utilize a microprocessor-based controller for area safety monitoring.
  • First to use digital two-way communication between the controller and the sensor for improved diagnostics, easy one-person calibration and multiplexing configuration.
  • First to use Modbus serial communication to enable the hazardous gas detection system to link to the plant-wide DCS.
  • First to provide the building automation industry with a universal protocol gateway supported by an extensive library of drivers for open systems and legacy devices
  • First to provide the telecommunications industry with a comprehensive facilities environment controller
  • First to provide a WebServer interface to a hazardous gas detection system

Sierra Monitor Corporate Capabilities (video)

FieldServer Technologies

Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer Technologies division designs and markets protocol translators/gateways used in process control and building automation industries. These products are available as standalone gateways linking devices and networks, or as an embedded gateway (ProtoCessor).


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