Sierra Monitor: IIoT Solutions for Facilities Management

FieldServer Case Study
FluidIntel Pty Ltd, Queensland, Australia

FieldServer Multi-Protocol Support Helps FluidIntel
Drive Fuel Management Solutions

FluidIntel Pty Ltd., a technology-driven company focused on delivering hydrocarbon management solutions to businesses across the globe, designs, supplies, and installs their Fuel Management System (FMS), AdaptFMS. Accompanying AdaptFMS is AdaptIQ, the software platform which gathers data relating to fuel movements and inventory levels on a client’s geographically dispersed sites. Analysis across the entire fuel supply chain and ERP systems allows AdaptIQ to directly drive fuel savings and optimize maintenance schedules.

Peabody Energy, the world’s largest private-sector coal company, has a mining operation in Queensland, Australia, and they implemented FluidIntel’s AdaptFMS solution to monitor and control fuel farm tanks. However, there was an abundant amount of Veeder-Root tank system equipment used by the mining site. In order to maximize the effectiveness of AdaptFMS, FluidIntel needed to provide a standardized solution for systems integration that could accept many different proprietary outputs from existing systems like Veeder-Root, and deliver a uniform industry standard output.

With Sierra Monitor’s ability to support nearly any available protocol, FluidIntel chose Sierra Monitor’s FieldServer products to interconnect between the Veeder-Root equipment and AdaptFMS. The QuickServer protocol gateway was found to be the most appropriate device due to its range of supported drivers and high level of output

Sierra Monitor: IIoT Solutions for Facilities Management

customization. Once the configuration file templates were implemented, there was virtually no setup time required for integrating Veeder-Root systems with AdaptFMS outputs.

While other FMS vendors provide a locked down ecosystem of field hardware and authorization methods, FluidIntel’s AdaptFMS prides itself on being a hardware agnostic, full turn-key service. This flexibility, along with Sierra Monitor's installed FieldServer protocol gateways, allowed AdaptFMS to maximize the use of existing hardware on-site, minimize retrofit installation costs, and design customized solutions that were optimized to meet Peabody Energy’s objectives.

The initial FieldServer solution was deployed in 2015. As of now, there are plans to utilize the QuickServer protocol gateway in several other locations where FluidIntel's AdaptFMS solution is installed.

QuickServer Gateway

 250 data points
 Multi-protocol flexibility
 Large installed base
 World-class technical support


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