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February 2015
Introducing our FieldServer BACnet Router - your BTL Certified BACnet internetworking solution
Time is money: Easy-to-configure FieldServer Router saves time
Watch easy it is to configure the BACnet Router video Watch how easily our FieldServer BACnet Router discovers all connected BACnet devices with DeviceFind™ and uses dual RS-485 ports to halve the response time per device.
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Upcoming Webinar: Why and When to Use BACnet Routing
Register for our webinar today! When: Wednesday, Mar. 25, 2015, 11:00 AM-12:00 PM PST
What: Understand the different implementations of commonly used BACnet applications, when it makes financial and operational sense to use BACnet routing, and the pros and cons of installing a BACnet router within a facility.
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Featured Application: Data Center Monitoring
Data center In the information age, a data center is the beating heart of not just a building, but an entire global corporation. Data center environmental control is key to ensuring constant uptime. FieldServer protocol gateways are essential to integrating key sub-systems such as generators and sub-meters into the BAS and data center management systems.
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Our FieldServer brand of protocol gateways is used by system integrators and OEMs to enable local and remote monitoring and control of assets and facilities. With more than 100,000 products, supporting over 140 protocols, installed in commercial and industrial facilities, FieldServer is the industry’s leading multi-protocol gateway.
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