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July 2016
Red Owl: The Wise Choice in Flame Detection
Product Announcement: Red Owl Flame Detectors
The Red Owl Flame Detector The Red Owl flame detectors are our new powerful, cost-effective optical flame detectors. The Red Owl comes in two models: triple infrared (IR3) and ultraviolet and infrared (UV/IR) technology, with both models enclosed in explosion proof, stainless steel enclosures.
The Red Owl has the unique ability to perform automatic self-test to assure proper functionality, removing the need for an expensive external tester. In addition to the automatic self-test feature, a companion hand-held remote control can be used for manual, on-demand self-testing and for customizing operation parameters, such as selecting sensitivity levels and the corresponding alarm delay time.
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Upcoming Webinar: Understanding Flame Detection: How to Protect Your Facility from Fire Hazards
When: Thursday, September 15, 2016 10:00 AM - 10:45 AM PDT
Who's Invited: Facility safety managers, design engineers
What: Every industry working with combustible and toxic gases needs to have an understanding of the impact of the many hazards associated with flame/fire. Proper flame/fire detection solutions should be used to enable better situational analysis and more informed decision making during a fire event.
Selecting the right flame detector for your application depends on several factors: the nature of the fire, the size of the area to be protected, environmental conditions, detector capabilities and limitations, and other concerns must be considered. SMC Product Manager Jonathan Breede will take you through these factors, ultimately showing you how you can protect your facility from fire hazards.
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Trade Show Recap: 2016 NFPA Conference and Expo
The 2016 NFPA Conference and Expo was a great success. We thank everyone who visited and took the time to speak with us.
Introduced at NFPA was our new Red Owl flame detector. In addition, we demonstrated the Sentry InSite application and how it is used with the Sentry IT Controller to manage connected detectors and sensors dispersed throughout a facility.
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Featured Application: Data Center Monitoring
Data centers are becoming increasingly more important as the world moves towards the Internet of Things (IoT) trend, since they house a plethora of networked computer servers and storage systems to run day-to-day business operations.
Sometimes overlooked are the gas hazards associated with a data center’s batteries and back-up generators that power the servers and storage systems. If not properly monitored, the accidental build-up of hazardous gas produced by these batteries and generators can effectively cripple a business.
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Our Sentry IT fire and gas detection solutions are used by industrial and commercial facilities managers to protect their personnel and assets. Sentry IT branded controllers, sensor modules, and software are installed at thousands of facilities such as natural gas vehicle fueling and maintenance stations, wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas refineries and pipelines, parking garages, US Navy ships, and underground telephone vaults.
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