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February 2016
Upcoming Webinar: Preparing Your Maintenance Facility for Lighter than Air Fuels
When: Thursday, March 10, 2016, 10:00 AM - 11:00 AM PST
What: As fleets operators around the world continue to convert their fleets from gasoline/diesel power to alternative fuels, the need of hazardous gas detection has never been more important. Facility owners should have an understanding of why and how a gas detection system can be used to save lives and prevent loss of property, while saving money as well. In this webinar, Corey Miller, SMC Application Manager, will review the practical application of gas detection in a garage for natural gas vehicles (NGVs).
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Trade Show Alert: 2016 NFPA Conference & Expo
We will be exhibiting at the NFPA Conference and Expo in Las Vegas, NV, June 13-16, 2016! Add us to your list of exhibitor visits and see us at Booth #1335. Stay tuned for more details surrounding our involvement in this event.
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Upcoming Events: NFMT, FME, and Rail Safety
Over the next several months, we will be present at the following events with speaking sessions:
  1. NFMT 2016 Conference and Expo, 3/23/16: In an event that brings facility management professionals to discuss best practices and operational strategies, we will discuss code regulations for facilities that repair natural gas vehicles (NGVs).
  2. Fleet Management Expo, 4/5/16: As an expo that provides waste and recycling fleet owners, managers, and other professionals hands-on information about improving their operations, we will examine what you need to know to prepare your shop for alternative fuels.
  3. Rail Safety 2016, 4/18/16-4/19/16: This seminar brings together international rail safety experts, researchers, suppliers, and professionals to cover a broad range of topics, and we will discuss the importance of gas detection in sub-terrain rail systems.
Read the article 'Meeting Gas and Fire Detection Codes in Alt-Fuel Vehicle Facilities'
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Featured Case Study: Wastewater Treatment
Wastewater treatment facility The wastewater industry has been steadily increasing. Many wastewater treatment facilities around the U.S. have been implementing facility upgrades, such as gas sensors and/or system controllers. Sierra Monitor's Sentry IT fire and gas products are a valuable integration solution for wastewater facilities. Recently, the entire Sentry IT solution was integrated into the Town Branch wastewater facility in Lexington, Kentucky.
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You can view a brochure of our wastewater solution here.

Our Sentry IT fire and gas detection solutions are used by industrial and commercial facilities managers to protect their personnel and assets. Sentry IT branded controllers, sensor modules, and software are installed at thousands of facilities such as natural gas vehicle fueling and maintenance stations, wastewater treatment plants, oil and gas refineries and pipelines, parking garages, US Navy ships, and underground telephone vaults.
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